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Using (visiting as well as ordering products) on our site: Bravehawkoutdoors.com, means you are agreed to most of these conditions and terms. Regarding easy use in very good conditions from our site we all advise you cautiously read the conditions and terms of usage. Bravehawkoutdoors.com reserves the right to produce improvements without preceding see conventions.



About Bravehawkoutdoors.com is just not accountable for and cannot be held responsible for loss incurred in using any kind of item obtained over the facts on this site. About Bravehawkoutdoors.com makes an attempt to provide as complete as possible advertised products (photos, functions, price), however does not promise of which their description as well as various other information with this site can be correct, complete as well as error-free bring up to date. Items offered may vary through photographs on the site at all as a result of changing characteristics as well as design from the suppliers without warning in their eyes.

Just about any compatibility issues involving component purchased using our site and your own information or are usually about to purchase from other sources not really subject to liability Bravehawkoutdoors.com.


Bravehawkoutdoors.com not really dependable and cannot be held responsible with regard to:

  1. Problems incurred by using any kind of products purchased from our site Bravehawkoutdoors.com;
  2. Compatibility problems with products purchased from other stores;
  3. We assume no liability for the products purchased through Bravehawkoutdoors.com are used on systems that not really meet the overall performance features from the products;
  4. Information about products (images, specialized features, prices) as well as Bravehawkoutdoors.com site content can be correct, complete or error-free bring up to date. Alterations to the design characteristics or by manufacturers (without notice), products offered may vary from the photos exhibited on the site.
  5. In the event prices as well as various other information regarding the products had been exhibited completely wrong, such as because they had been made wrong databases Bravehawkoutdoors.com company has the right to cancel delivery of item and also to notify customers in regards to the dilemma with immediately if delivery wouldn’t happen, Bravehawkoutdoors.com cannot be made accountable for any kind of injury or loss caused by not preserving order.
  6. The max amount of responsibilities to any customer for failure to supply as well as delivery of our products is strictly decreasing the amount of the payments given through the buyer.


The Sign up Responsibilities

Inside services, you consent to provide genuine, correct, current and complete information about yourself, including those specified in the user registration area and agree to offer this information effectively and totally. In the event we all assume that this obligation can be respected simply by you, we reserve the right to prevent access to specified as well as indefinite period, to use the services without warning.


Registering, password and actions as being a member

Having a membership rights you may be asked to pick some sort of username (email address) and password. You have the effect of (a) the safekeeping connected with password being a member of this site, any kind of activity performed under your user name can be fully your liability. You consent to notify Bravehawkoutdoors.com immediately of any kind of loss of pass word as well as indicator connected with unauthorized activity under your username.


Merchandise liability

Commercial Guarantee for products and parts sold on Bravehawkoutdoors.com for one calendar month.

The returning and mailing cost of the products is supposed to be paid by customers.

Commercial warranty can be offered for every product sold simply by our company, except consumables: cartridges, liquid and many others.

No warranty can be provided for damages as a result of the use of refilled cartridges.

In addition, the guarantee can be of course for you to products which often, in line with our specialists factors written, can be broken as a result of managing as well as careless operation (mechanical shock, power, energy, large pollutants, large moisture conditions, unusual physical objects as well as drinks inside tools, positioning in postures aside from those people identified within the end user manual, etc.), unauthorized disturbance about equipment, improper installation, damages connected with all kinds, for use in conditions inconsistent with instructions for use, functioning over and above force provided by the manufacturer.

Normal mechanical wear is just not covered by this warranty.


Using, visiting and ordering products on Bravehawkoutdoors.com signifies acceptance of conditions and terms which is to be precise on this page.

Bravehawkoutdoors.com reserves the right to produce any kind of improvements to most of these conventions and any kind of improvements Bravehawkoutdoors.com site, composition as well as any improvements that may affect the site without requesting some sort of notice to customers.


Marketing and Sales Communications

By means of being able to access our online store Bravehawkoutdoors.com, using, visiting, purchasing products, conversation is completed in an electronic format, so considering the consumer agrees to receive is aware of all kinds through Bravehawkoutdoors.com


Safety Measures and Privacy

  1. These products with this site can be purchased online through services provided by Bravehawkoutdoors.com
  2. com promises the protection of its systems and server on this value, your own personal information entered by filling out will come into possession of third-party and will never be improperly used.
  3. We are the sole managers and owners of the information collected from this site. We just be permitted access to/collect information that you voluntarily offer us. We will not sell or rent your information to anyone!



  1. Conflicts involving customers and Bravehawkoutdoors.com site will likely be settled amicably inside of 15 days after published notice about problems from the user.
  2. We will try to meet your reasonable request as your reliable supplier. If the argument is just not settled amicably, Romanian proficient legal courts of regulation.



  1. This content on our site (texts, photos, graphics, icons, programs, scripts, directories and other data) is Bravehawkoutdoors.com property and is particularly protected by copyright intellectual laws and property rights.
  2. Without the use of any of the items mentioned Bravehawkoutdoors.com punishable under suitable law.