Shipping Policy

Customer satisfaction is usually with the highest magnitude at We would like to inform all of our customers that our delivery office is usually open on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and also holidays. So your package will also be delivered on weekends!

  1. All orders placed through this site must be mailed to the shipping address provided in your invoice.
  2. All limited accessibility and/or exclusive products tend to be on a 1 for every person, for every household.
  3. Multiple orders cannot be blended to deliver together.
  4. No product sales or shipping to Countries around the world, States, Provinces, or Cities where things are forbidden.
  5. No product sales or shipping to minors, or to adults intending to distribute or perhaps re-sell items to minors.
  6. All customers have the responsibility for knowing and also pursuing the regulations which they reside in.

We attempt to provide all of our customers the most reputable selections for shipping.


Time Frame

All orders will likely be packaged within just 1 to 2 business days from the date you place your order and will also be picked up by Airmail or Express the following working day, no matter the shipping selection you decide.


There are two main shipping options you can choose:

Free Airmail Shipping: International orders will take 7 to 15 business days to achieve its intended destination.

International Express Shipping (Extra $15 or order value over $100): International orders will take 4 to 6 business days to reach. We use the DHL, TNT, FedEx shipping service.


All international shipping options will possibly be postponed due to customs holds within your country. Weather as well as other conditions can make a difference to shipping situations. Thank you for your understanding!


Free Order Tracking provides the free order tracking service for all the products sold on our site.



For all international orders, as a Pro seller, we provide free order tracking service for your convenience. In this case, you, the consumer, take the complete obligation if your package is lost during transit. Please remember that once the package is out of our service, we will no longer get control of the package. However, we all will attempt our better to assist all of our customers in locating or finding their package whether it is ever lost during transit. Considering that international laws tend to be continuously adjusting we cannot easily maintain what exactly is legitimate to sell to our customers in other countries. It is up to the consumer to be aware of their regulations relating to ordering e-liquid/receiving e-liquid/ and also any other restrictions regarding other vapor connected items. If products are confiscated by customs or the shipping carrier, we will not be held accountable to the confiscation of this sort of items. It is always the customers’ responsibility to only purchase what exactly is allowed for you to receive. Specific products cannot be mailed throughout the world. Sometimes liquid and all batteries or products using integrated batteries cannot be mailed throughout the world due to some regulations regarding shipping restrictions of batteries and liquid. For further information relating to restricted products, please email us at [email protected]. Furthermore, all packages shipped throughout the world must be declared.